Instruction to the Staff

Guide lines for Teachers, Head of the Department, Officers-in-Charge of departmental Time-Table, Attendance, College Tabulators and Officers-in-Charge of Time-Table for the college and the other activities.

1. Proctorial Works.

Guide Lines for Teachers

(a) The steps taken by the proctor to correct deliquent students (those failing short of attendance, avoiding examination having bad performance in the examination, creating disturbance in the college must be mentioned in detail giving roll numbers, names and the number of times the erring students has been warned verbally or in writing and the number of times the parents or the guardians informed about the matter).

(b) Dates of meeting and the steps taken to correct the student must be noted on the proctorial form by each proctor.

(c) Each warning for bad performance in the examination or irregularity in attendance must be recorded on the body of the proctorial form with dates along with the signature of the students.

(d) Dates on which letters were addressed to parents and guardians must also be recorded on the body of the proctorial form along with the number of such letters

2. For the guidance of Officers & proctors.

Officers, Assistants and counter clerks-in-charge of proctorial to note:-

(a) Printed forms must be made available by 1st week of July.

(b) Proctorial forms of the students admitted after the last date of admission to be filled up at the counter and sent to respective teacher.

(c) Proctorial forms of 2nd year and 3rd year to be rechecked within 15 days from the date of reopening of the college.

(d) Proctorial form of 1st year to be filled up within fifteen days from the last date of admission.

3. Lesson Note and lesson plan.

Lesson notes of individual teachers will be inspected by the principal and the Director of Higher Education, Odisha during inspections. They are to be maintained in the prescribed form. They are required to submit the lesson note before the princial.

4. Departmental progress Register:

The departmental progress register must be submitted to the principal through academic bursar every month for counter signature. The heads of the departments will be held personally responsible and hence their special attention is drawn to this matter.

5. Notification of Monthly attendance.

It is the responsibility of the teacher of the department who is in-charge. A report of compliance is to be sent by the Head of Department.

6. Submission of marks of Mid-Semester Examinations.

       It is the responsibility of the teacher of the department who is in charge. Head of Department is to follow up the matter.

7. Answer scripts of Mid-Semester Examination:

The answer scripts of the Mid-Semester Examinations are to be kept in safe custody and are to be sent to the college office in time for onward transmission to the university. If required, detailed instruction in this regard may be obtained form the administrative bursar.

8. Tabulators:

They are to see that:

(a) Marks are received form the examiners within 10 days from the Mid-semester examinations. It is their responsibility to contact the principal to follow up the matter and write to Department Heads to expedite it.

(b) Publication of the all withheld cases is  made within 15 days from the date of reopening of the college.

9. Officers-in-Charge: Time Table, Academic Bursar for the current session.

It is their responsibility to see the general and practical classes are held as early as possible and arrangements be made for the same at the earliest.

10. Completion of courses:

The reports of completion of courses are to be sent to the Director, Higher Education by the Academic Bursar through the principal by the date fixed from the Office of D.P.I. Heads of Departments are to kindly note that the courses of all classes (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th semesters) in +3 1st yr., 2nd yr. & 3rd yr. must be completed before the commencement of the Semester Examinations and the reports should be placed before the principal in this regard.

11. Library Work:

Much importance is given for maintaining library in healthy condition. The principal/Vice-principal visits the library atleast once everyday. The responsibility of the officers-in-charge of college library is given below.

(a) Stock-taking of books every month, even during vacation.

(b) Checking the issue register regularly,

(c) Payment of subscription in time.

(d) Binding of old and torn books.

(e) Cleanliness of racks.

(f) Final stock-taking and physical verification before summer vacation.

(g) Arrangement of books according to catalogue number.

(h) Cataloguing of books within 7 days of the receipt of the books.

12. Academic Bursar:

The Academic Bursar is to see that admission process, class room accommodation, notification for commencement of classes, distribution of identity cards etc. are running perfectly. He should be watchful to the obstacles on the way of teaching activities and take necessary steps.

13. The Account Bursar:

The responsibilities of the Account Bursar are as follows:

(a) Countersigning and checking all bills and vouchers.

(b) Supervising and countersigning all registers relating to accounts matter.

(c) Interpreting and implementing account rules.

(d) Giving guidelines to officer-in-charge of different expenditure heads.

(e) Making comments and notes on different budgets.

(f) Preparing annual budget for college.

(g) Checking entry of purchased materials in stock register.

(h) Taking steps for all type of payments including salary of staff.

(i) Account Bursal will be in charge of accounting of all fixed and running deposits.

(j) Account Bursal is accountable for Audit of college account.

14. Roster Duty:

(a) Roster duty for the vacation period is to be prepared by the Administrative Bursar in such a manner that there will be no difficulty about issue of                  C.L.C., Scholarship, Admission form and marksheets.

  (b) Roster duty should be prepared by the lecturer of science faculty in such a way that the conduct of practical examination, stock-taking, maintenance          of scientific apparatus in laboratory and repairing work can be done without difficulty.

(c) Leave taking during the vacation will be casual leave or earned leave as per rules,

(d) The Account Bursar will be in charge on the accounting of all fixed deposits.