Library Rules

Our college library possesses more than 10,000 books on different subjects along with some useful reference books arranged in different sections and sub-sections. The sole objective of this library is to serve the students and teachers satisfactorily from different angles of their approach

General Information

  1. The library remains open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  2. The library remains closed on Sundays and authorised holidays.
  3. Issue and return of books are made between 10.30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  4. The staff and students of the college and other persons specially permitted by the principal may use the library.
  5. No book should be taken out of library without the knowledge of the librarian until it properly entered in the Borrower’s Register.
  6. he book should be returned within the period allowed to a borrower.Books taken out of the library in the daily issue must be returned to the librarian before 3 p.m. On the same day.
  7. When the date for return of a book falls on an authorized hodiday, it should be returned to the library on the day the college opens after the holiday.
  8. Library books in possession of borrowers should be returned to the library before the college closes for the long vacations or on before the date noticed for the purpose.
  9. Whoever mignt have a library book in his or her possession should return it to the library whenever receives a requisition notice from the library.
  10. No marginal or other notes or marking shall be made in the library books nor shall any pictures or pages be removed.
  11. The librarian will report to the principal against persons responsible for improper use of the library books.
  12. A borrower, against whom any overdue or other charges is outstanding, shall not be allowed to borrow books from library.
  13. If any borrower keep a library book in his or her possession for more than the time allowed for the purpose, no more books will be issued to him or her until the book concerned is returned to the library.
  14. All those who may happen to be inside the library are expected to observe strict silence.
  15. The library premises should not be used for any purpose other than reading.
  16. None but members of the staff may go beyond the library counter. Persons, who might get special permission from the principal may also work inside the library.
  17. A book issued to a borrower, may be re-issued to him or her only when there is no other claimant for it.
  18. In the beginning of the session, the students will be provided with a library card for record of borrowing and the return of boks by him or her.
  19. Any book lost by a borrower must be replaced by him or her. If replacement is not possible, he or she will have to pay three times of the catalogue price of books.
  20. The following table shows the maximum number of books that may be issued to various classes of borrowers
    SL. NoClass of BorrowerNo.of books IssuedTime Permitted
    1Members of teaching staff151 Month
    2Demonstrators051 Month
    3Ministerial Staff 021 Month
    4Librarian and PET051 Month
    5Students (pass)0215 Days
    6Students (Hons)0315 Days
  21. Keeping identity card and library card, ordinarily one book or courses of studies or newspaper may be issued to a student in the reading room after proper entry into the daily issue register and the entry attested by the borrower and the same is returned before 3 p.m. in the same day. 
  22. In case of the students those borrowers who do not return the library books within the time allowed, a fine of 50 paise per head per book will be charged each day of delay. In such cases, a student has to obtain a charge slip towards amount of fines to be deposited from the librarian and deposit the fines at the college cash counter and produce the money receipt along with the books at the library counter for the return of same.
  23. Any student who wants to take books from the library should present the library card to the librarian. He/she should also present his/her library card to the librarian whenever he or she wants to return a book.
  24. Ordinarily no student will be allowed to keep a library book with him/her during the summer vacation.
  25. It is more important that the library card should always be used by the person concerned. In no case it should be handed over to any body else for use. If it so happens, the matter will be seriously dealt with.
  26. If a student loses his/her library card, a duplicate may be issued on application and on payment of Rs. 10/- (Ten). The loss of library card should be informed to the librarian immediately on application with the payment of Rs. 10/-.
  27. If a student can not produce his/her library card at the time of clearance for test results, he/she has to pay a fine of Rs. 10/-.