College Rules


  1. The academic session of the college is from June to May. 

  2. Admission to the College begins after the publication of the CHSE Examination results and continues till the last day prescribed for such admission by the University.

  3. A student seeking admission is required to apply in the prescribed form within the specified date. Before one is admitted into the College, he/she and his/her guardian has to sign an undertaking form that the student will abide by the rules of the College.

  4. Ordinarily Admission is allowed on the ground of merit and conduct of a student. Admission in the College cannot be claimed as a matter of right.

  5. Each student must register in the College the address at which he /she resides.


  1. As soon as the tutorial groups are formed and notified, it is the duty of a student to find out the particular group to which he / she has been assigned. If he/she is not included in any of these groups he/she must  bring the fact to the knowledge of the principal by writing an application.

  2. Every student is requried to attend his/her classes regularly and punctually. Continuous absence without leave is a serious breach of College discipline.

  3. Students should take their seats before the lecturer enters the class room and should not generally leave their seats during the course of a lecture.

  4. A student who arrives late may be allowed into the class room if concerned teacher agrees to it.


  1. Students are advised to attend classes regularly and secure required percentage of attendance.

  2. Under the regulation of the University, a student in order to be eligible for being sent up for the University Examination is under Obligation to attend in each subject a minimum of 75% of lectures, tutorials, practicals etc. calculated separately.

  3. If a student fails to secure the minimum required attendance, he/she will be detained in the same class and shall not be sent up to appear at the university Examination.

Payment of Fees and Fines

  1. Students are advised to pay college dues, examination dues and other dues as per the notice issued from time to time. Fees must be paid by 1.30 p.m. on the day fixed for collection. Otherwise a fine of Rs. 0.25 paisa will have to be paid on the last working day of the month along with fees. Failure in this regard will entail the removal of the defaulter’s name from the college rolls and re-admission would involve an additional payment equivalent to one month’s tution fee and a re-enrollment fee of Rs. 1/-.

  2. Any kind of fine on ground of indiscipline will be realized along with tution fee. 

  3. Students cannot claim exemption from the payment of default fine or re-admission fee as a matter of right. Such exemption rests soleley on the discretion of the principal.

  4. College tution fees along with other fees, if any, for the remaining months of the academic session will be realized from a student before he/she is allowed to fill up the Application form for University Examination.

  5. Declaration of class promotion result of a student can be withheld in case of non-payment of college dues, non-return of library books, shortage of attendance etc.

Mode of Submitting Applications Complaints and Representations Etc.

  1. All written applications should be submitted in the College Office and studends need not waste time waiting to submit their applications to the principal personally.

  2. Honours students should contact their respective H.O.D. to solve their problems before coming to the principal.

  3. Students having grievances/complaints should bring them to the notice of the Principal/Administrative Bursar by means of a written application. They may, however meet the principal with their grievance only during the fixed hours for personal hearing, if it is necessary.

  4. Students are not ordinarily allowed to enter into the College Office. They should transact all their business in the College Office through the counters.

General Examination Rules & Punishment for Infringement

  1. Students are required to read and observe the instructions given on the back of their Admit Cards issued to them by the University admitting them to the respective examinations and the instructions given on the Answer Books supplied to them at the beginning of each examination.

  2. Inside or outside the examination hall, the students should strictly adhere to the examination rules and discipline. They should not possess any incriminating material except their Identity Cards and Admit Cards, while inside the examination hall. They should keep their Identity Cards and Admit Cards on the table during the examination hours.

  3. Candidates should subject themselves to physical check by the College Staff assigned the principal at the entrance and inside the examination hall even during examination by the invigilaters.

  4. Candidates are required to enter the examination hall only 15 minutes before the examination starts and occupy their respective seats according to the seat allotment chart and maintain absolute silence in the examination hall.

  5. A candidate is not allowed to enter the examination hall and appear the examination coming late after 30 minutes of start of the examination and also not allowed to leave the examination hall before completion of one hour, after the examination starts.

  6. Usually, after one hour of the examination sitting starts, a candidate may also make temporary absence for a minimum period not more than once for use of Toilets/Urinal with the permission of the Invigilator and while doing so shall leave his/her answer book, question papers, Admit Card and Identity Card under the custody of the respective Invigilator.

  7. Candidates are not allowed to leave the examination hall before 10 minutes of the warning bell without submitting the answer books.

  8. Writing of indecent/immoral matters which are vague/irrlevant in the answer books will be viewed seriously and even may be liable for punishment of the principal or concerned authorities will deem fit.

  9. It is the duty of the candidates to hand over the Answer Books to the Invigilator before leaving the examination hall. 

  10. Writing of any thing on the question paper or Admit Card is strictly forbidden.

  11. Infringement of any of the examination rules shall be dealt with severely.

  12. For infringement of examination rules or adopting of unfair means in the examinations of the Utkal University, One is punishable according to the rules prescribed by the University and under the provisions of The Odisha Examination Act as is applicable.

  13. In addition to above punishment for infringement of any examination rules or discipline or adopting of unfaire means in the examination or indulging in misconduct, the student may be expelled from appearing in the examination or may not be allowed to continue further studies in this college or may be issued compulsory T.C. or may be fined or may be punished in any manner as the principal will deem fit, which is final and binding in all respects.

College Leaving Certificate

Application for the College Leaving Certificate (C.L.C) should be submitted three days before the day on which the certificate is wanted by the applicant by depositing requisite fees along with Clearance Certificate (In case of transfer certificate (T.C).

College Dress Code.

A Uniform College Dress Code is ompulsory for the students. Any student without College Dress Code enters the class-room or examination hall must be fined Rs. 200/- (Rupees Two Hundred) only.