College Discipline

  1. All Office Order, decisions and instructions are given on the college notice boards. Every student should see the notice board to obtain the necessary information. Ignorance of students due to negligence will not be accepted as an excuse.

  2. No student should remove any notice from the board which will prevent his fellow students from getting the required information. Removal of notice is a serious offence.

  3. If clarification of any information, given on the notice board  is required, the student may contact the Administrative Bursar for detail information.

  4. No student is allowed to affix private notice on the college notice board without permission of the principal.

  5. The students of the college are advised to carry their Valid Identity Cards issued by this college with them at all times while in the College Campus and produce the same  when demanded.

  6. If a student is found to have continuous absence for one week, he/she will not be allowed without medical certificate and continuous absence for one month without a valid medical certificate from a Govt. Hospital will lead to his/her name being struck off from college rolls. Overall attendance should not be less than 75% in both theory and practical classes respectively.

  7. If a student is found to have indulged in raging, strict action will be taken against that student. According to the judgement of Supreme Court of India dated 10.12.2007, “If any incident of raging comes to the notice of the authority, the concerned student shall be given liberty to explain and if his explanation is not found satisfactory the authority would expel him from the institution.

  8. Scribbling, pasting placard, poster and other papers or spitting or disfiguring the college walls, floors, pillars or doors are strictly forbidden.

  9. Students must not tamper with or damage the college electrical fitting , furniture, laboratory fittings, apparatus, library books, journals, newspapers etc

  10. In case of any damage to the college property, the cost of the damaged article along with the fine shall be realized from the concerned students.

  11. Students must be in their class rooms or examination halls in time, maintain proper discipline and decorum and be attentive to their studies and observe examination rules.

  12. Students should not loiter on the verandah or here and there at any time.They may make use of the common room during leisure hours.

  13. Use of electronics gadgets like Mobile Phone, I-Pad, F.M. etc. in the class room and during examination is strictly prohibited.

  14. Students are forbidden from using of mikes and loud speakers inside the college premises without specific written permission from the principal.

  15. Students are required to keep their bicycles/bikes properly locked in the cycle shed. Keeping of bicycle/biles here and there and on the road is forbidden.

  16. Sincerity in study, disciplined conduct, good manners, dress up with all modesty and decorum, maintenance of cleanliness, sound mind, good health, respect to teachers and healthy participation in the activities of the college are to be observed.

  17. Smoking, consumption or possession of any narcotics or alcohol and carrying of any weapons, crackers or any others substance except required study materials are strictly forbidden.

  18. Students are expected to conduct themselves in such a manner that will not tarnish the good name of their college.

  19. In case any student violates any rule of the college or fails to observe discipline or instigates or engages any other to commit such offences, the principal may make fine of any amount or rusticate for any period or issue compulsory College Leaving Certificate or take any punitive measures as he deems fit without assigning any reason thereof.

  20. In order to maintain discipline in the campus or in order to ensure smooth conduct of examination or any function or programme, the principal reserves the right to post police force in the premises at any time, hand over to the police for necessary action against any person who directly or indirectly instigates or indulges in any indiscipline or offence committed or anticipated to be committed.

  21. Any outsider creating or suspected to create disturbances in the premises or entering into the premises without permission or does not vacate the premises immediately even after verbal notice to vacate, shall be declared as trespasser and the principal has the right to take action as he deems fit.

  22. In order to maintain discipline, the principal reserves the right to declare the closed or classes suspended for any period as he deemed fit.

  23. Groupism and quarrelling will not be tolerated.

  24. Reports regarding undesirable activities on the part of the students will be communicated to the guardians for their information and necessary cooperation in bringing about the improvement of their wards.

  25. The principal reserves the right to take such action/actions as he deems fit to maintain discipline in the college. His decision is final and binding in all respects.

  26. Indentity Card Rules :

(a) This Card testifies the holder’s status as student of Bahugram Degree College, Bahugram, Cuttack.

(b) The card holder is responsible for its safe keeping.

(c) This card is not transferable.

(d) The card should be renewed at the beginning of each session.

(e) Loss of this card should be reported to the principal.

(f) In case of loss, a duplicate card can be supplied on payment of fee of Rs. 50/-

(g) The card holders should be in possession of their cards  always and produce on demanded by authorities.