Cradled in the lap of village, Bahadulapatna, 1 K.m away from the sacred shrine of Lord Nrushinghanath in the east and half a Km. away from Cuttack-Kendrapada road in the south, Bahugram Degree College has walked a long struggled thorny path since it's birth till now to achieve it's primary goal. The long cherished dream for establishing Bahugram Degree College was fulfilled in 1992-93 by a highly spirited humane human being Late Mahendra Biswal, the founder cum secretary when the pressing need of higher education for the students of adjoining areas hunted the thought of him in the premises of Bahugram Juniour College.

The prime of the college was eventful. It was plying with financial crisis but the active support of some local dignitaries energized the founder. To materialize the dream, a college Committee entrusted with the task of raising funds and having other necessary requisites, was formed. Initially, the college committee succeeded in opening +3 Arts stream with 128 seats affiliated to Utkal University in 1993 with subjects like English, Odia, History, political Science, Economics, Sanskrit. In 1996-97 sciene stream in PCM and CBZ was affiliated to Utkal University with 128 seats. +3 Commerce was opened from session 1996-1997 with 128 seats. During the session of 2015-16 the Govt. of Odisha introduced C.B.C.S system. Through this system Honours Classes were introduced in subjects like History, Political Science, Economics, Sanskrit, Education and Odia in Arts Stream,Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics. Zoology and Botany in Science Stream and Accounting, finance and management in commerce stream.

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Address: Bahadulapatna, Bahugram, Salipur, Cuttack.

Phone : 0671-2358733

E-Mail : clg. @

Year of Establishment - 1992-93

Affiliation to Utkal University - 1992-93

Location : Located at the village Bahadulapatna half Km. away from Paga Chhaka by the Cuttack-Kendrapara road between Jagatpur and Salipur.

Total No. of Students:1063
Total No. of Lecturers  :  23
Total No. of Demonstrators:05
Asst. Librarian:01
Ministerial Staff:05
Lab Attendants peons &others:20

  1. To make  our students futuristic so that today they can build their tomorrow.
  2. To provide value based quality education to the students of the rural areas.
  3. Building youth minds to encounter the forth coming unseen challenges.
  4. Strengthening women for an independent standing.
  5. Creating a sense of Sacrifice for one's Motherland.

We promise to create an environment where the light of knowledge will spread among the students through academic skill, social work and extra Curricular activities.

The tangibility of a college is reflected through it's Crest which symbolizes the mission and aspiration of it. Several distinct symbols such as an open book, a burning lamp a holy vase, a computer and some paddy stems are placed in our magnificent college crest. The open book and the burning lamp symbolize to spread knowledge by eradicating ignorance. The Sacred Vase symbolizes to create spiritual blend of mind among the students nourished by the institution. The Paddy Stems Symbolize agrarian prosperity in the rural area where the college is situated. The computer in the right side of the crest symbolizes the acquisition of knowledge in science and technology.

At last the Sacred Line "Satyameba Jayate'' in the box at the pedestal of the crest reveals the motto of the institution," Victory of truth through non-violence.'' The architectural design infuses an idea of an all-round progress of education.


I can not help expressing my extreme pleasure getting at hand the long awaited debut publication of Annual Calendar 2017 -18 of our college which contains rules and guidelines for the guidance of the students. It will also be very useful for both teaching and non-teaching staff of our college to execute their routine activities sincerely. Besides Students and Staff, it would be very helpful to others those who are interested to know the history of our college with it's position of different departments, norms of different examination, various academic programmes, Course of studies, fee structure, extra Curricular activities student's Associations etc.

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